Fathers Day Burger Grill Kit - $59


Get ready to wow dad with this Fathers Day Pork Chop Grill Kit for 2 people!

This grill kit features:

2 packages of Berryman Farm ground beef patties, 2 sets of house-baked brioche buns, American cheese, lettuce, red onions, pickles, our 10 Acres secret sauce for the buns & a jar of our Farm Hot Sauce. This kit also includes 2 tall cans of Phillips beer, tiramisu for two, and 2 gift certificates for beer flights at Phillips! Comes in our 10 Acres Cooler bags. 

*Delivery or pickup available on June 19th and 20th only*


Burger Kit Cooking Instructions 

Cooking Burgers ( two options)

Oven Instructions:  

1) Preheat oven to 400* 

2) Heat pan to medium heat, add vegetable oil and allow to warm up (3 minutes) 

3) Salt & pepper burger patties well. Next, place patties in heated pan. Slightly press on them to be larger than your desired size and sear until bottom is golden  brown. 

4) Flip burger patties. Sear until golden brown.

5) Place the burgers onto a baking sheet and place in oven to  finish cooking.

6) When patties are finished, remove from oven. Next, place 2 pieces of cheese on each burger and allow to melt (cheese will melt fast)

Grilling Instructions: 

1) Heat up BBQ grill 

2) Salt & pepper burger patties well. Press and flatten to be larger than your desired cooked size before placing on the heated grill. 

3) Place patties on grill, with medium flame, & allow the burgers to cook on the first side. Do not try to move from first place on the grill  for several minutes, or the meat will stick. Turn the burgers 90 degrees and continue grilling.  

4) Flip burger patties and repeat process, until cooked. 

5) Place 2 pieces of cheese on each burger patty once it is cooked, to allow it to melt. This cheese will melt FAST.

6) Toast your buns, and dress with condiments as you like


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