Fathers Day BBQ Rib Grill Kit - $69


Get ready to wow dad with this Fathers Day BBQ Rib Grill Kit for 2 people!

This grill kit features:

2 packages of our house smoked rib racks, house-made coleslaw & potato salad, with a jar of our Farm Apple BBQ Sauce, 2 tall cans of Phillips beer,  tiramisu for two and with 2 gift certificates for beer flights at Phillips! Comes in our 10 Acres Cooler bags. 

*Delivery or pickup available on June 19th and 20th only*.                                                 


Rib Kit Cooking Instructions:

Note: Your Ribs are smoked in-house and safe to consume as is. No raw products in this kit, just follow suggested warming technique.

*we recommend allowing the ribs to sit at room temp for up to 1 hour before cooking. This will help ensure the inside of your ribs gets as hot and juicy as the outer sides*

Heating Ribs (two options)

Oven Instructions:

1) Preheat oven to 400*

2) Coat the Ribs with our house BBQ sauce.

3) Line tray with aluminum foil, and place ribs in the oven for 10 minutes (if your oven has broil setting, turn this on to finish your ribs). 

4) Apply second layer of BBQ sauce.

5). Allow ribs to sit in oven with the broiler on until the sauce has reaches desired caramelization.

Grilling Instruction: 

1) Heat up BBQ grill

2) Coat the Ribs with our house BBQ sauce. 

3) Place Ribs on grill with medium high flame. Allow ribs to  warm and slightly cook the edges of the meat.

4) Coat the ribs with another layer of sauce once the first one appears slightly dried. 

5) Allow ribs to fully heat, and the layer of BBQ sauce to char and crispy on the edges. 

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