Arboleda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina


ARBOLEDA, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aconcagua, CL, 2018

The Wine

Arbodela, which means a grove of trees, is a tribute to the more than 1,450 hectares of native forests that surround the vineyards. Sustainable single vineyard project, signed by iconic Winemaker Eduardo Chadwick.

Adriano's Tasting Notes

Notes of black berries, black currant, cassis, sweet spices, with the perfect amount of pyrazines* (red bell pepper) adding complexity for the wine that finish with succulent tannins. Delicious wine for a stake meal.


*Pyrazines are also found in other fruits and vegetables, and they produce a “green” taste that can be described as “grassy,” “bell pepper” or “cherry stems.”