10 Acres Market, Farm & Restaurants

10 Acres has started an online market and is offering produce from our farm, treats & pastries from our bakery, our fresh daily baked bread, locally made provisions, liquor store priced wine, and meals ready to cook at home.

For more information on all of our restaurants, or to make a reservation for in person dining, please visit www.10Acres.ca

Pickup & Delivery Information

Downtown - 10 Acres Bistro - 611 Courtney St. - Orders are available to be picked up from 2-6pm Wednesday - Sunday.

Sidney - 10 Acres Cafe & Market - 9805 Seaport Place - Orders are available to be picked up Everyday from 11am - 6pm.

Delivery - Orders are available to the "no contact" delivered. 24 hour notice required. Delivery time between 2-5pm. Specific time, not guaranteed. Free delivery on orders over $200

Contact Information

For more information, or if you have any problems, questions, feedback or concerns, please contact us at:

info@10acres.ca or 250-220-8008

Thank you!